Separation or Divorce

Kevin assists a variety of disputants in family matters as a family dispute resolution professional. At present, Kevin is the only family mediator on the BC family roster covering the Surrey/White Rock region. A large part of our family practice is in the area of separation and divorce. With the recent advent of the new family law act in British Columbia, disputants are encouraged to solve their family matters outside of court by utilizing the services of a family dispute resolution professional.

​Typically the disputants and the Mediator meet together, however, if this is uncomfortable for the parties, we utilize “shuttle” mediation, whereby the Mediator meets separately with the parties in order to assist in the agreement making and minimize conflict.

Being that we are a full service, fully comprehensive family mediation firm, we are able to assist participants with all aspects related to their separation. These include all matters relating to the children, support issues, and property matters.

It is our policy to make this process as time efficient, cost effective, and as amiable as possible.  Mediation has the capacity to foster an ongoing relationship between separating spouses that greatly eases the transition for the children.

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